Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Last nigh's xanga blog:

I went to visit my great aunt jean today in Comox. She is 92 and absolutely fantastic. i had a great time. we went to a seniors' party at a seniors centre where she played piano for a birthday party. she talked about all the party guests as "those old people." I like that.

here is my deep quote for the day:

"Willpower has no defense against the careless word, the unguarded moment. The will has the same deficiency as the law- it can only deal with externals. It is incapable of bringing about that necessary transformation of the inner spirit."

- Richard J. Foster, Celebration of Discipline.

welp. g'night.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Photo shoot

  A stray look
  I like this one even though its kinda grainy
  chrome revisited
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I mess yoo


wow, i feel that it has been so long- three whole days since i checked my blog. no you don't understand, its compulsive now- normally i check it at least twice a day, sometimes more, just to make sure its doing ok, still there, eating properly you know.

well here i am at campf. enjoying the sun now that it has finally poked its head out. pretty gash-darn excited to be here, not gonna lie. but first! here are some of my award winning photos from the last round, because really, i feel bad that i have not decorated here lately- so i decided to post my final assignment photos.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


and with the click of the mouse, i send off one email and i am...


...for now.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Very blogworthy

A story dedicated to Jessi and all who ride bikes:
I have just this unbelievable story for you today folks, i mean it is dedicated above for a reason, but i think we can all relate to a certain point. As soon as it transpired i realised it was more than blogworthy so sit back and here we go:
Last night after dinner i rode my bike up to the gym- trying to be earth-friendly and economically conscious due to the fact that i am convinced someone has been following me around town and siphoning my gas whenever i leave my car. So Kiki goes for a jolly little jaunt to Winskill, pumps some iron and then rides off into the sunset.

Well the sunset is where this gets funny. I was coming down this big hill and was up to a good speed. Suddenly, this fly goes straight into my eye. i can feel the bug on my cornea! So naturally i start squinting and fluttering my eyelid to get 'er out of there. but i am goin too fast down the hill to stop immediately and i come to an intersection at the bottom of the hill so i can't really pause to get it out for a good couple minutes. SO finally i reach a stop and start tryin to get it out. I am not quite sure, but i can't feel it as much any more so i start to think its out. So i continue on my merry way. I get home and go check in the bathroom mirror- no sign of buggy. This all transpired approx.9pm.

10am the next morning: I took out my mascara and prepared to put someone when i realised i had an eyelash in my eye. I go to the mirror and start trying to pull it out, its quite clumpy. Oh Wait! that's because its NOT an eyelash! yep, a full THIRTEEN hours later, i removed a fly from my eyeball.

beat that for bike stories.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I like alliteration

Tonight's award winning combination of Susan and Stepho's was seriously compromised by the copious quantity of calamari that was therein consumed.

Monday, May 15, 2006

CTS weekend photos

And now, i little something i like to call... Ferry Fun and Qwanoes Qwaziness... or for LLC'ers "Quasi"

  "CIT counsellors going for the gold... slash bronze...
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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

When, oh when will i learn to wear sunscreen?

I SWEAR this was going to be the first sunburn-free summer! i was tricked! i was hoodwinked! I want my money back! you can't put a price on your skin...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hey, i should really do some work, but i just wanted to say hey- we haven't talked in a while, hope things are going alright. Its not that i don't want to talk, i would love to, but things are just so crazy busy- "one damn thing after another" eh? anyways, i heart you guys and miss you and will one day post more than pictures. i was thinking much along the same lines as Jenn about Blue and commercial drive (see below). you can read about him there, i am kinda tired and have to go study and don't really know what to tell you about him. Its one of those things where i feel like i have take one step forward and two steps backward... I don't really know what to say, i think last summer or in Guate i would have felt a bit more comfortable in the situation, have known how to react better, but i was just so caught off-guard. Sometimes we get wrapped up in what's at hand that we don't remember to go out and see these people, to befriend them. I love James 2:14, You know that poem by Robert Frost - the road less taken, where he talks about the path less travelled by and that made all the difference? that verse to me is the path less travelled, and i can't ignore that path. But sometimes i find it so hard to remember to stick to that path when my life is so busy, so fast and so full here. This might not- no, this probabaly doesnt- make any sense, but i don't have much time today. so you are gonna have to stick with me here. read jenn, she may shed some light on what i mean.
or not.

peace out

... a-town...;)

Photos from Commercial drive (in two parts)

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A day on the drive...

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Photoshoot with Andra

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6 degrees of kevin bacon

So the new game is: 6 degrees of blog separation. Choose a random friend's blog, then keep picking random links to see if you can get back to yourself. Or, better yet, if you use xanga, pick a random link from a blogring, so you arent starting with someone you necessarily know. Good call. I could play this game for hours. Found a guy from trinity who lives in washington who knows a friend from camp from four years ago who lives in oregon via Canada. yep, that was odd.

hm, also, more pictures, this time in B&W. bonne temps.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

To Do List

So i am now officially edjamacated with my graduation ceremony as the period on the end of my university career. Well, technically, since i am in this photography class for two more weeks, it is more of a dash, a semicolon or more accurately followed by a parentheses. Nevertheless, my diploma is in the mail and my tassel and gold cord are hung about my rear-view mirror and now i face the great wide open (cf. Qwanoes 1999). This last semester i took my final development economics class, which, despite its paltry levels of popularity with my dear friends, was a joy and delight to me. Nevertheless, i did find earlier in the semester a few "lull" moments, shall we say, in which to make a to-do list of all the things i want-drum rollll- to do (thanks captain obvious). I have included a few below in no particular order.

1)Learn Photography (Check!)
2)Take Yoga
3)Learn the drums- if you have ever gotten me into the subject of music you should know this one. I love watching a good drummer, when they are at the point where its not just "1,2,3,4...1,2, 1,2, 1,2,3,4!" It becomes a dance. What other instrument do you get to use your entire body to play? I think especially envy good drummers who can worship through their music. I am so jealous.
4)Hiking. This isnt something i didn't do before, but it was something Rach and i took up last summer when all our friends dumped us for camp- shoot, thats what i am doing...oopsies. But i still love it, well actually, its a love-hate relationship. I get to the 1/4 mark where it has just started to get difficult and ask myself, "why oh why do you do this? you are a glutton for punishment kid" but then at the 3/4 mark, i realise that the pain and sweat is so overwhelming that is just enough to ignore it. Finally i reach the top and I can't even describe to you the moment, its just what it is- a thrill. the mountains are my constant reminder that there is one who is immense, beautiful, grand, thrilling, that is stronger and bigger than i.
5)Hockey. Well, this one might be a bit too late. See, I always had this secret dream to play in the Trin can-am hockey game (canadian girls vs. american guys). Well, now its too late- but hey if i get good enough between now and when i do my masters... maybe there is hope!
-side note: i decided i really like graduating. The robe is pretty sweet actually, so i think masters will have to be seriously thought of- once i have had sufficient rest of course... which may take a you think I could just have one of those honorary things?? maybe graduate again sometime should be 5b.

Ok, so those are a few. But i also have a stack of books to read, some that i have already started (marked with an asterix) and some that sit on my shelf calling my name. OBVIOUSLY as an arts major (and a one time eng.lit major) this list is no where near exhaustive. But these are the summer reading goals- hahaha like reading will happen at camp....oh that's a knee slapper...
a)Out of Poverty (and into something more comfortable)- Stackhouse
b)Crime and Punishment- Dostoevesky
c)Anna Karenina- Tolstoy
d)Shake Hands with the Devil*- Dallaire
e)The Idiot*- Dostoevsky
f)Something by Vinoth Ramachandra, perhaps 'Faiths in Conflict' or 'Gods that Fail'
g)Reading Lolita in Tehran*-Nafisi
h)McWorld vs Jihad- Barber

any other suggestions??

I got to the end of the list and realised that the number one thing is not on it- And that one is fairly significant- seeing as it is what i want to do with my life. But instead of renumbering and adding it in, i am just going to tell you that the most important one isn't there. I left it out on purpose. I am an artist (cf. #1,5)- i am allowed to do that. And travelling is also left out. If i put that in, we would have to start a whole other list for the countries. But i think this is sufficient for now.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Photog #1

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Above you will see some of the photos i took for my art 230 class. Tommorrow Paul is going to critique them as he did for those students with last names beginning with A-L today. No comment on how we only managed to get through half a class of 15 students in 3 hours, but it was informative so i guess that snide comment located within my non-comment choice should shut up. I really like this class. i prefer sitting around being lazy, but hanging out and taking pictures is a close second. However, should i become a fantastically talented photographer, DO NOT ask me to do weddings. Decided today that i would never do 'em. Good grief, could you imagine if you screwed up or accidentally over-exposed everything?? Your friends ask you to do their wedding because they like your artsy stuff and want to save money because let's be serious, -at least for my trinity friends- no one will be affording a pro any time before they turn 60 due to indentured servitude to Enrolement services. well, that will teach them to add photographer to the registry list!
i would loose all my friends very quickly as was witnessed by this week's events. i took THREE rolls of film- guess, just guess how many turned out? well here is how i will put it: five fotos were due today at 1pm. I was definitely up at 7:30 am taking another TWO rolls with two different cameras to ensure that the previous night's disaster would not be doomed to repeat itself. Boooo hissss.
Suffice to say, jessi, that the nice picture i took of you and cliffy that i thought might make a birthday present will NOT be coming your way. Let me know if there is a shirt you want instead.

oooh well, c'est la vie. Live and learn. don't count your chick'ns before they're hatched. A watched pot never boils and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree eh?

Incidentally, did you know that the following are palandromes?:
-A man, a plan, a canal- Panama! ( you have to say it like that, with real expression on "Panama!")
-wo nemo, toss a lasso to me now

yep. its true. just try writing them backwards! i promise!