Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Your Turn

Lately I have been having some discussions with various people regarding the subject of guy-girl friendships. My question to you: Can guys and girls in the age bracket of 20-30 be "best friends" (excluding marital relationships)?

I'll sound off (and you know I will ;) once you have all said your peace.

ok.... Go!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Top Ten Things I Look Forward to Doing Between May and August

10: Long walks on the beach.
9: Hiking up a mountain, huffing and puffing, all so that at the top I can throw a victory fist-pump in the air, then go down and eat greasy food in the city.
8. Skimboarding- I will master you!
7. Bonfires at the beach... at the church... at the river... at the sink.... oh wait..uh uh uh I'm embarrassed.
6. THE FIREWORKS!! oh gash, the highlight of my summer.... so pitty!
5. Hanging my hammock- no wait, scratch that, having my hammock hung (hopefully by a Brown House Inhabitor/Hanger- On) and then SITTING in said hammock.
4. The return of the Iced Cafe con Leche.
3. The beach.
2. Road trips on weekends, including one to a particular Oregon city for a particular former roomie's wedding.
1. Hanging out with YOU in SUNNY WEATHER!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

"Things that make you go 'hmmm..'" or "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K"

Numbero uno: Who irons their sheets??

My mom, that's who. We often like to fling around our good deeds in the family so they peg the person they were intended to bless square in the nose. The other day I chucked a "here I brought you chocolate caramel corn all the way from Seattle" and she zinged me with a "well just don't complain about anything because I stayed up all night ironing your sheets." And you know, I thought "why in the ...???" But then I saw my bed (which i sleep in once a week) and I thought "maybe i should start ironing my sheets. This really does look better, and I think they are softer and smoother now.... hm. powerful."

Number two: How did the avacado chunk get in my coffee??

This morning, I emptied the dishwasher, including the coffee pot, filter basket and Caitlin's perfectly-proportioned Batdorf and Bronson mug and proceeded to make myself a delectable cup of coffee. I even perfected the water-to-carafe ratio so that i brewed exactly enough for the B&B mug, which seems to be the right amount for my morning ritual. I should have sensed some foreshadowing when i accidentally used the french vanilla creamer instead of the regular n/f creamer (I wouldn't normally soil the purity of my coffee with frivolous flavouring). But i tasted and t'was but a faint remnant, so I drank. About three slurps in, I felt something graze my upper lip. I started draining the cup, fearing the worst, and fished out what I thought may indeed have been a small dead sea creature. It was a chunk of avacado that i actually distinctly remembered throwing away yesterday after I made a sandwich (this piece being rejected because it had part of the top seed in it). How in the world did a piece of avacado thrown away yesterday get in my coffee this morning that was made with completely clean utensils?!?! hmmmm indeed!