Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Introducing... An LLC moment

Ok, so here is the thing, these photos have nothing to do with anything, i just found my jump drive this week and realised i had a whole whack of photos that i yanked off the computers in Ottawa before i left, so going though them again made me relive all the good times. Thus and therefore, ergo, i post them here, for you all to walk down memory lane with me. (if you need a refresher, go to sept, oct, nov or dec archives). Anyways, below are some of the iconic, memorable stills that made the LLC fall 2005 the legend that it is today. It is not a comprehensive compilation, more of a 'smattering' - if you will.

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Classic Abigail

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new meets old

252 metcalfe st.
ottawa, on
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I feel like this could be a beatles picture- maybe its just Jordan's turtleneck and the walking thing...

either way- it is an iconic LLC photo. Posted by Picasa

So what you're saying is...MOST people make it off alive?

Before the big jumps Posted by Picasa

So what you're saying is...this ISN'T the hawaii travel studies?

Yeah, funny looking back at those sweet days where we wore shorts and tank tops in Ottawa. Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving, 2005

I sure look thankful- how 'bout you? Posted by Picasa

Frolicking Fall

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It ain't easy being a lone ranger

From the top of L'oratoire St. Joseph, Montreal Posted by Picasa

The Photo that started it all....

Official Capital Commission approved caption:

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Hmmm.. Mike Mueller...OR Iceman from Top Gun?

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Monday, January 23, 2006

1st year senior

Hey, so here is something fun. i am in my first year... and my last. See here is a lesson for all you kids out in tvland. Don't be like your auntie kiks here who left all her first year core classes til the last semester of her final year. Then you end up reliving your freshman year. But i do have to say this, its not so bad, other than being waitlisted like every other freshman due to an "incident" with enrolment services (don't even get me started...). But hey i am going back to the first year and reliving the good and the bad.

Here are the good:
- enjoying the community and excitment of classes with people from all walks of life who still don't know where they are going, because hey- they haven't even declared a major yet and if they have, lets be serious, they will definately change it at least three or four times by the time they are done. Now i don't have to worry about the fact that NO- i do NOT know what i will be doing come april. so don't ask. i am ahead of the game just by having a major picked out.
- Basking in the glory shed by having the cult hero profs of yore. yes thats right, one paul hughes in the Townsend tradition of cult heroishness. You hear their names in the caf, in the atrium, in the make-out-lounge... they are so cool, so hip, so wise and they make reference to cheesy pastor references to pop culture. Watch in awe as they skilfully mock all that is embodied by Smitty or sermons that look for God in the matrix. Just wait kids, it only gets better. Soon you'll hear RELS profs with guitars and BIO profs who have lost their budgies. It only gets better.
-I forgot how much/little reading there is. I mean there is a lot of reading... but its not like you actually have to DO it!

As for the bad:
well, lets just try and look on the brightside for now...

Excercise your democratic right and responsibility

Get out and vote.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

jenn salt, ladies and gents.

Archives from an inpromtu journey across the Sea.

Baker and the Strait of Georgia. This is home, eh.

Friday, January 06, 2006

best thing about my korea trip: hanging out in one starbucks after another as i toured the city's cafes and teahouses. Posted by Picasa

Christmas day stroll by the 'riber.' Posted by Picasa

I don't know where to go!
on another note... diagonal crosswalks really do exist! i thought those were only in sailor moon! Posted by Picasa

after yet another long, ardurous journey to a cold outdoor sports destination that proves a bust, andrea and i keep up our good spirit, "wouldn't it be funny if we got all the way to the top of the mountain and they were closed or we couldn't board, so we just high fived and went home??!"
...haha, yeah... Posted by Picasa

I don't think i have a better picture of the three of them... Posted by Picasa

Rob with South Korean Solidier who accompanied us into North Korea- no diggity. Posted by Picasa

Rob at the Chang-Dong subway station. I smuggled in that hat of his- well technically no i declared it under the "are you bringing in any furs and other animal products" question, but they didn't seem to particularly care, so i must wonder why they bothered to ask. Posted by Picasa

Ok, so the story here is that the summer palace behind me is on the ten thousand won note that i am holding...oh yes and it was burned down by the japenese...several times.... Posted by Picasa