Monday, May 07, 2007

Well Soaked

Its funny sometimes how one thing can mess it all up. Yesterday I had a lovely Sunday. I slept in, I drank coffee (right there, that's enough to keep me happy), I read Psalm 139 and then a little Mark Buchanan (if I can't be at New Life today, at least I can feel like I am). Then I spent the afternoon working on a photography project. Golden! I even had time for more coffee with my brother and went to DSF where I was able to sit in the glow of God (pardon the cheese factor here, but for lack of a better phrase...). I sat there as Mark finished off the question part of the sermon and thought happily just how I feel like a sponge right now, well soaked. And i was thinking this analogy through, what is the purpose of a sponge that is soaked? You pick it up and immediately wring it out because its so wet right? To my delight I had a vision of being sprinkled out over everyone else around me this week to be a blessing to them.

Well that lasted about ten minutes. I got home and my computer started going haywire (threatening the photography thing I had worked on ALL day). I finally gave up around midnight, or 1, knowing I had a doctor's appointment early in the morning. Dejected, I settled in for bed. Not to be outdone, my morning attitude was absolutely despondent. I had this stupid doctor's appointment, which promised discomfort (I had to get my nose cauterized because of the inherited Tegelberg nose bleed syndrome... why don't I ever get any of the cool diseases??) Moreover, I have an early meeting tomorrow at work and then its last week all over again- hectic, long, tiring days.
But 'Kiks, seriously! what happened to being soaked?? what happened to feeling ready to douse others in the refreshing water? What happened to practising joy this week? Moreover I heard a phrase from Mark's sermon ringing over and over. "God is a three-mile an hour God." Now I am not too sure about the logistics of this theology, so let's not read it too deeply, but it did strike a chord. I know we all know that God doesn't move on our time frame, but sometimes you just need someone to tell you to cool your jets. The other thing that was said last night that followed quickly as I mulled it over was a quote from Sandy Colero quoting Mother Theresa (so who knows how verbatim it is, but go with me) "we are not called to be successful, we are just called to be faithful."
I know what the dream is for my life (albeit loosely and veiled, but I have an image, which is, in my young mind's estimation, a brilliant thing). I know what that God is more than willing to take my dreams and desires and work with them. So why am I so caught up in needing to send things off immediately?
I am reminding myself today to just be thankful, to be joyful, to practise the fruit and worry about the rest from there.