Monday, July 24, 2006

Ryan usurping my camera and giving us his best blue steel.

Mo being... Mo. If only I had taken this pic maybe it would have been a model pose (see flickr). but, alas, alack, my camera was attacked without my knowledge!

View from the Malahat after staying with my jess-jess. Pretty spectacular eh?

Barrier free bathrooms for Elise at White Spot- this should make it simple for her. say it with me now: "sit, THEN tinkle."

Hey, so here are the things i will have to tell you all about some time when i have time:
BALL-THROW!- its not just a game, but a revolution sweeping the nation, or at least camp.
Ski Boats- man if i thought ring by spring was an issue, man that was MILD compared to the hook-ups at camp. code word: ski boats, so as not to draw undue attention to the GLARINGLY obvious. conversation such as this take place often: "hey have you seen the new ski boats?" "yeah they are pretty intense eh?" "no kidding, slow down eh?" "you betcha... ooo dear.. sigh...(long pause) wish i had me a ski boat." (awkward pause ensues) "yeah who's kidding who? all i get is a ruddy fishing skiff!" (enter third lonely heart club member) "hey, quit whining, i've barely even got a dead surf bike from the boneyard- and i had to drag that out myself!"
Quotes to insert into daily usage:
"hey! you! quadriped- sprechenzee english?"
"yeah, i sprechen"
Also: "If you have any poo- fling it now." (most potent when prefaced earlier in the day with: "but of course we will fling poo at them.")

so those are the jokes. but there are quite a lot of non-jokey things too. its all good stuff, just intense sometimes, but the radest part of this week is that the cabin lines have been amazing every night. the last few weeks, when Amanda and i go into do cabin line goodnights it has been very difficult at times and often spiritually uncomfortable to downright scary. But this week has been phenomenal every night. Praise God.
alright friends, sorry these posts are lame and few and far between. Talk to you all later. Email me!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Every little thing you say and do...

well, as madonna plays about hanging up- whatever it is she hangs up- the phone, her laundry, some hangers, i sit in the HCT office i am fighting the urge to break out into interpretive dance, mariah carey has just started do-do-do-duh doing and oh but the music calls! alas! alack! there is just too much of an audience. we head counsellors have this very special thing in our lives. We have learned a form of communication to make our office a juggernaut of unity. We speak/laugh/teach/rebuke/love through the form of interpretive dance. but our art is a precious thing. right now there are three of us, but there are also three others who would compromise our art- we must protect it, pass it on to those who will take it and be fruitful with it. and yes, it is an art. Por ejemplo- janine standerwick and andrew bordeville received packages the other day. ryan and i decided that clearly it would be unreasonable for them to receive them without having to work for them- lazy bums that they are. and we ARE after all, the headcounsellors- our job description basically includes the term "slave drivers" repeatedly (you should see me coordinate that rocket dock- oooh boy, yeah). anyways, we were disheartened to see that they had never been disciplined in the art of interpretive dance (we will address the issue with the CIT counsellors accordingly). They were a sorry sight. they didn't even know that you start in the shell position (much like an egg). Ryan and i taught them in the way everlasting and flowing and leaping. They have much to learn it is tue, but i have much hope, they are quite possibly future head-counsellors in the making.
The other art form that we often practice is the random stress relief dance. Ryan and i have perfected this, however, there are often a few randoms that we invite to join- you need little training, just amanda's hairbrush which is always in our office anyways and a strong piece of musical accompaniment. this is also furnished by the HCT. thats what we are here for- for you, when you need us, when you need a friend... to dance.
So this post is to encourage you, dance my friends, for light, for life, for all mankind.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


t-shirts that i have seen this week that I love:

"Apathy is boring"

"They will know we are Christians by our t-shirts"

"Tom is NOT my friend" (i will never cave to myspace Mo!)

T-shirts this week that i have seen that i do not love:

"Good girls don't get caught"

"naughty" (and the positioning of said word is also unloved)

and a plethora of other ones using various puns, double entendres and ironic statements that thirteen year olds barely understand. I don like it.

been an interesting week guys, junior high one- um, yeah. wow. i am drained, frigging tired, and yesterday made me broken- it was a hard day. I appreciate any prayers guys. I was reminded though that God is big enough to handle this camp- so all i have now is to trust on that. Pray for energy and pray for the fruit of the spirit. Pray for wisdom. goodness....