Friday, February 17, 2006

"Its about time" -or: "I'm fine!"

Its about time that i figured out that things are gonna be ok
So these last two weeks have been incredible in so many ways- incredibly stressful, incredibly full, incredibly shocking, incredibly crazy. Last weekend i woke myself up at 6 am on saturday to worry that i was not getting enough sleep in order to accomplish and deal with everything that was standing between me and reading break. Now, its friday night and my stresses have dissipated, although through perhaps not my first choice in circumstances.
My mom told me not to worry so much last week, because sometimes God comes outta left field and changes everything up before you ever have to deal with all the "what ifs." Left field happened to be a huge dent in the right side of my truck on my birthday. Not my field of choice. But I am amazed at how its all working out, so i am determined not to go back to last week. The dent in my car is the new jump. I will not loose sleep over this, i will not worry about how i will get around, but offer it back to God and hope for a sacrificial ram like Abraham and Isaac (actually a Dodge Ram wouldn't be so bad....).
I am slowly learning this lesson. i don't think i have everything down pat- i have separation anxiety being away from Soxey and everytime i walk out to Northwest for my geography class or the gym for a workout and see parking spot #35 empty, my heart heaves a little sigh. But i have faith that God will take care of it, bring Soxey home or fill the spot with his goodness. Its about time i figured this all out- its been the constant lesson for the last few months.

Monday, February 06, 2006

just a quote and thoughts to come

So i read this yesterday and again today for my development economics seminar and i love it, but there is a whole load behind it and i dont have time to really explain tonight, so this is me jotting it down and i'll add more later, but for now:

"Modern industrial farming desires heaven's wisdom without grasping its meaning."
-Masanobu Fukuoka

This isn't really about farming- i mean the guy wrote it in direct reference to farming, but in relation to development- and life for that matter, there are so many things about technology and improving our lot in life that we grasp for, but we don't really understand what its all for. Creation has everything laid out absolutely perfectly.

more to come.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A solemn occasion

Cara and i had a moment the other night... we locked ourselves in the bathroom and had a little heart-to-heart, taking some time to reflect solemnly about some of the stuff going on in our lives. So we lit our beeswax candles that James gave us from the monk. what else were we to do? It was natural. Posted by Picasa

Its crazy here in mac- crazy i tell you!

Kendra and Kiks Posted by Picasa

More good-looking people at said fudge party

Did i mention there were 66lbs of fudge???
'Cause there were. Posted by Picasa

Levi Wadsworth, Ladies and Gents...

yep... thats our levs... Posted by Picasa

Sarah and Kiks at the Fudge party!

Roomate alumni- and good lookin' ones at that. Posted by Picasa