Friday, June 30, 2006

advance crew night out in vic!

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Advance crew photos- a slice of life during those last few weeks!

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Staff what?

How i am still awake at this point just boggles the mind.
Staff training ends today.
you know what that means-
355+ campers arrive tomorrow.
God has been so good this week, I am learning so much, and there have been times where i have wanted to cry out and just yell at him "would you freaking yell back at me???" Sometimes I just wanted to hear his voice. But he has confirmed things in his own way, so I thankful for that. I guess its a lesson in faith. I can't really even begin to tell you all what has really been going on, because its just so much and i would have to start at the beginning and lets be serious- this is CAMPF. i don't have time to clip my own toenails for crying out loud, let alone be on this computer right now.
But rest assured that there is an awesome crew here, that fun is being had and that fantastic words and phrases as varied as "defenestrate" and "spiritual hang-over" are being propigated and prepared to be spread to the rest of the world. This is gonna be huge- wait, pretty much we might even be having a break-through.
pictures of some of our adventures are above. For a more indepth look, please feel free- feel expensive even- to visit the wide world of flickr
alright my friends, go in peace.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Vilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome, Bienvenidos...

There is something i have noticed. when i am at camp- i have a campf accent. It sounds something like a quebecois-slash-ukrainian. I don' know how to explain, but i can't turn it off, it is on right now even as i type. if you were here you would know. At times it is a bit like Harry in in When Harry Met Sally when he is saying the bit about Pecan Pie. Also, Amanda says it sounds like the bat in Anastasia. I guess the thing is, with one aussie, one kiwi, one scot and one irish, plus three and a half yanks (one with north carolina accent)- plus two brasilians, a french kid, 3 brits and possibly another irishman soon to arrive, its hard to stay afloat. you got to make your voice heard.

Uhhh, i like to play.

well, i feel as though i should post again, but i don't really have much to say..

oh who's kidding who, this week has been a veritable gold mine of inner monologue commentaries. i always got plenty to say. but the real problem lies in that for the last month all my posts have been photos, and sadly i have not been out ONCE with my camera since SLO weekend. sad.

but happy, there is a staff photographer who has some rad pictures of the weekend waterski workshop so you should all check those out.

aside from that, i spent the weekend with some fabulous girlies from SDBC raking leaves in the forest- i feel like great validation in such work that i know has eternal significance.

well, at least jenn salt thinks the forest looks nice. that's all that really matters in this life.

yesterday i found my new spot. its better than all other spots i have found at campf. i am most pleased and will take the ol' cam down to show you all soon, but for now, shalom.

Friday, June 02, 2006

From a "Celebration of Discipline"

Another quote- oh no, i am becoming one of THOSE types of bloggers-

"Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself."

- Leo Tolstoy (as quoted by Foster)