Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I have noticed something through my endless and tireless search through the jungles of blogland (remember, i am living the adventure, yeehaw, and onward). You see as i was randomly perusing through various anonymous postings that bloggers are a particular bunch, and there are definately things that are "cool" and "not cool." Por ejemplo: cool- zen, composting, tiki furniture, ninjas and anything indie. Not cool- corporations, fast food, corporations, probably anything paris or britney-but then i think thats not particular only to the aforementioned group, corporations and lets not forget the ever-odious "man." However i fear that this group can too easily be seduced by overly-priced organic food which is produced by organic inc. and that they will be in danger, if they follow the trends of their close relative species, the left-coast dwellers who have a "special affinity for designer active wear." Not that i have a problem with a well-tailored pair of jogging sweats, but when you are wearing your lululemon yoga pants to a job interview paired with a crisp white dress shirt, i think somewhere we have left the path to which we should have most certainly stuck.
However, now that i have embarked on my journey of fearlessly going where everyone else has gone so that i will not be left out of the new trend of blogging, i must learn what to do when in rome. Therefore, i will search near and far, (mad props elmo for pointing me in the right direction), high and low, until i too can find something trendy to propagate and something evil to combat with my words which sting better than numchucks!

ninja references: 2
seasame street references: 1
Jungle references: 1
cowboy references: 1
Geez whiz i better get my quota of cool things to reference up or at least up my quota of corporation-bashing, thats just pathetic... my bulgies to the faithful.

A new leaf for ME

Well. it appears that i have neglected this illustrious passtime and have not updated in quite sometime and while i offer profuse apologies to my scores of faithful readers....um right...anyways i do have to say i have often thought of adding something to it, and i even tried to get a picture on, but that was too much for me to do in the same night as reprogramming my car stereo... (bah! humbgug! down with technology! down with the man! yeah! pls refer to subsequent entry: "VICTORY!!"). Furthermore, i have come to what might be referred to as, ahem, a crossroads (live the adventure here will definately be my creed from now on, fear not). I am turning over a new leag. ahem, leaf. And i will be faithful to you, because you were faithful first dear readers, both of you.