Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bang on me drum all day long.

I just realized something.
I have two weeks to the day left in Nicaragua.
People keep asking me how I feel about that.
I keep shrugging, I don't feel anything. This is life, life goes on, every day is spent in Nicaragua, just like the one before it. It will be ten months when I get home. Ten months is enough to get a rhythm. It is a rhythm. I want to keep playing.

One day at a time.

Living Colour

Ok, I lied, the Island is in colour. And that is me, second from the right, in the back. In front of the San Ramon Waterfall on the Island of Ometepe, which is currently and incidentally, in the running for a spot as one of the World's Natural Wonders. Whupah!

A few new ones

I Went to Ometepe this weekend.
Here is irrefutable proof.

Yes, incidentally, everything on the island is in black and white. Very astute observation.

Quote of the week:

This merits its own post:

"It does send the message of how lingerie could possibly save the planet."

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