Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back again

August 30, 2006; 5:05pm PST.

Date of last blog entry: July 26, 2006.

Amount of goings on in between: innumerable.

Where do I even start? Let's see, we have had since July 26th the following: the end of JH 2, family camp, including three days off in Vancouver where i "schlepped" around in glorious nothingness, JH3, which was more similar to a juniors camp, then JH4 which was a glimpse of youth camp and then JR 3, our last juniors camp- bittersweet, but mostly sweet. Now its youth- the pinnacle, the climax, the culmination and also the denouement, because sadly, its all coming to a close. But you know what, I am not even thinking about that yet. There is a vague sense of dread and cranky impatience with the thought that I will have to say goodbye to all these people and this place once again. But I have sufficiently pushed that aside, because remember- there is still a whole camp going on and it is quite possibly one of my favourite weeks of the summer! I am not missing out on it for a little nostalgic blubbering.

I have to say, this summer has been hard, and if you had asked how I was liking it during JH1 or 2 or even in the middle, I might have had mixed feelings. I mean I liked it, but it wasn't a daily smattering of giddy excitement. But this week I realised how thankful I am for this summer. Man, its been intense! What an exquisite place I have entered into with God, what an amazing group of people to witness and from whom I have learned.

So what's next eh?

Dinner- at 6:00.

I haven't thought much past that for many days now. September crosses my mind from time to time, just as Ottawa, Panajachel, Antigua, Vancouver, Trinity, Boundary Bay, SDBC all cross my mind. But they often sail on and eventually I will have to get into one boat or another. But right now, I am sticking with the Qwanoes boat til the very end. Its a nice ski boat.

I was going to make a list of all the "lasts" I have just had, but instead of dwelling on the fact that they are over i will rename this list to the things I have enjoyed and am thankful for- however the "Top Ten Things i have enjoyed and that I am thankful for that are now over" is a bit long so for short: the Top Ten Lasts:

10. Shadow Strike intro skit- ok, now we all complained about this skit every week, but it got pretty fun by the end of the summer, at least for me, i got to come into Q-Town on a quad, scare kids and slap stevie g in the face.

9. Head Counselling Debrief meetings at the end of the week which were really an excuse for us five to stuff our faces with chips and lie on the couches drinking diet coke.

8. New Life Community Baptist services

7. Having Colin interrupt every week at the same time our HCT meeting on the first night during intros. He was always on cue

6. Sitting after meals with Qwanoes personal entertainment crew: Stevie G, Colin, Chris and a smattering of randoms

5. Wide-eyed and Liquified. There was only ONE week this summer when i was not carried to water, and as much as i avoided, danced around and pretended to hide, who's kidding who? it was the best part of the morning.

4. Hiding during the night game with Ryan and listening to chill music

3. Seeing a daily reminder of my blundering pop-culture references in the twins: two-time Hall of Famer Bobby Howe and Millionaire Tycoon Ted Warner, owner of Warner Faith.

2. Early morning Bible study with the girls

1. the HCT. all of it.

So, the relationships will continue, so thats alright. Let's stop before i get all sappy.