Thursday, March 17, 2005

humunah humunah humunah

yeap so i'm gonna have to ask you to move to storage space C.....
oh man its been one of those weeks when all you want to do is beat some sort of technological appliance with a baseball bat in a field and then leave it to rot. I had a debate yesterday. most people are surprised to hear that i hate debates. but in truth, lets think this through, you are getting marked on how bitchy and argumentative you can be, only to then be followed up by someone trying to be even more bitchy and argumentative who then proceeds to tear down your every remark. but i think it went alright, i had altruism, compassion and liberal tolerance on my side. see we were arguing that the debts of the highly indebted poor countries (HIPCs) should be forgiven in full. and well, if you say no, then arent you just a heartless capitalistic dicatator!
here are some other thoughts: i have been reading blue like jazz. prety much everything in my soul put into words in the first three chapters. now, lets be cautious here, not to endorse anything to emphatically, because a) being keen about ANYTHING (ie twusa) is not something i support generally in principle. and b) always read the small print, and i havent gotten to that chapter yet, i am still on the one entitled "penguin sex" (i kid you not). but as i say, this book is really challenging me to do something, to be active. and at first i was like, "yeah! we gotta start protesting human rights infringements at international summits! rally the troops!" and then there was a whole story about how he went and protested something, but realised he didnt even live his life for what he was protesting, he didnt give money to his church to help poor, didnt do anything to change the world, even a little bit. sometimes i get discouraged because what are we really gonna be able to accomplish? but then i realised how i am not even trying- pretty convicting
anyway, i dunno i gotta sleep now
so i will come back and tell you more another day
top o' tha marnin' to ya!
happy st pat's day