Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A news-stream of consciousness

After deciding to be Sarah Palin for Halloween (I KNOW- BRILLIANT), I ramped up the youtubing of the Veepee hopeful. One of the clips was the infamous one of Katie Couric, getting straight to the issue a la Bridget Jones: "But what newspapers do you read??" I started thinking- what daily newspapers do I read?

Basically none, because I don't have a real mailing address at the moment- well I do, but I can never remember the postal code- and I refuse to read the free dailies. They're major headlines foretelling that they have ALL the details on why Jen took John Mayer back. I am only mildly interested in that. But more to the point, if I really want to know, I'll check People magazine, because they have the whole "who wore it best" section, which is miles more entertaining.
But I am not totally without a clue. I do have the internet- and I have my morning coffee and news (generally during my 9am classes) each day. So I've started a growing list of internet news feeds. Currently: google news alerts, the BBC world, Al Jazeera (honestly. Ok, it's in my toolbar, but not one of my regulars, unless I am in Middle East Politics class), and of course the good old CBC for hockey scores and the Globe and Mail, if a link pops up to remind me to check.

Which brings me to the point of this post: to give you a link from the Guardian today-another bastion of British current events. Why I have an affinity for British news sources, heaven only knows-it is a funny thing, because I feel the same way about British pop music-can you say WestLife?- I just can't get enough- and I don't think I'd care for it if it were from the New World. The root might be in my well-known weakness for accents. I do generally read all BBC news stories in my head with a British accent, occasionally Scottish, because of that one TV presenter... i forget his name, but he's cute or alternatively, Irish if I'm skyping with Susan while reading- anyways I digress...
Here's the link to Mary Kenny's post in response to the Atheism bus ads.

Bless the British for printing this.

Follow me here on this stream of consciousness folks, it also connects with Mark's latest sermon series, the Sceptics Forum. Go download them all, listen and then let's discuss. It all floats around in my head quite interconnected and I thought you all might enjoy that, faithful readership.

More to come soon, maybe I'll post my latest paper on presenting an analytical narrative of the development of Botswana. FASCINATING stuff I tell you! Or the one on how Wal-Mart is entirely the root of all evil, but actually paying small-scale farmers 15% MORE in Nicaragua for "tomators." Who knew? I mean, they are still probably looting and pillaging in China, but now you're curious aren't you? I was too- we all know, me of all people. This is what all them books and learnin' does to you. But I appreciate your willingness to stay with me thus far and look forward to future endeavours. In fact, if you've made it this far and you aren't Susan or my mom, You are a champ. Not that they aren't- they are just more seasoned veterans when it comes to this, well-acclimatized to my readings, and it's not as gruelling for them.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Anyone have Mr. Dressup's number?

Ok, so I know there are far more important things on my mind than Halloween costumes and waaaay more has happened in the last month since the previous post that had much more to do with externalities, complementarities, capabilities and functionalities in the developing world. There has been a whole lot of nonsense about the Korean and Indian developmental states, political unrest of the 1970s in Cairo and a disproportionate amount of discussion and thought on economic incentives for growth not regression.

But, none of that matters right now! Even less so, the global agribusiness supply chain, the research on which is verily engrossing. As fascinating as propounding to you, dearest, loveliest reader, what that all entails, I am wholly consumed with a new challenge. Not world income inequality- sure that’s important, but it has waited since the industrial revolution, so why push it now? And global food supply is indeed pressing, but I mean, come on, that’s why they call them convenience stores. No, the issue that is burning in me enough to put the pen to paper (or key to pad?) is what I should wear.

Stick with me… I am not completely shallow (…tilts head… pause… resume). Guys! I just got invited to a Halloween party and this may be the first time for a dress-up bash in several years, so it’s game on. I have to take this seriously, because I am a serious adult now. I can’t really say that in the heyday of my youth my costumes were much to be respected. The pinnacle of that period being the costume party for valentine’s day- I know, right there is your problem, who dresses up for Valentine’s day? And the information I am to release to you cannot henceforth be used ever to ridicule or deride me not in private and under no circumstance in public, particularly a public populated by nice eligible young men. I tell you- the wide world web- all of this in the strictest of confidence.

Brace yourself:

I attended dressed as a valentine’s card store. No word of a lie. I taped valentines and heart-shaped cards to my red mock turtle neck and stapled heart cutouts to my snazzy stirrup pants (oh like you all didn't wear them too). I was 8. It was my birthday. I still insist that I get away with whatever the tarnation I want to because it’s my birthday on v-day. But this is October, so no dice with that excuse. We gotta bring it.

So, suggestions for a costume idea would be appreciated. In formulating your proposals, here are some that shall categorically not be entertained:

- A valentine’s card store

- A slutty barista

- Costumes that involve an unnecessarily wide girth- I need relative freedom of movement.

- A slutty electrician

- Anything involving fake teeth- I intend to eat all the single reese cups I can get my hands on.

- A slutty construction worker

- Rubber masks and cake makeup will be strictly forbidden- they make my cheeks puffy.

- Frankenstein. Please. That’s the best you’ve got?

- A slutty anything

- A pumpkin- my hair is red, not orange.